Fresh Starts 

It would seem, being that I’ve been gone from this blog for the past three months, I don’t really have anyone to RP with. Which is fine, it’s to be expected with a gap like that. I’m working on bringing my various Sherlock muses (Jim, Seb,¬†Richard, Liam, Sherlock) back and will be off and on, on certain profiles. Jim, Richard, and Sherlock are all on this blog (Richard and Sherlock are sideblogs) so it’ll be easy for me to get on them, but I will get on Seb and/or Liam, when I can, if anyone would like to RP with them.

I’ll be wiping the slate clean with Jim, it seems, so fresh starts and such, etc. If you’d like to RP: strike up a convo, send me a starter, or whatever you’d like. I track the tags respective of each blog, to be able to find stuff. So, yea. [mrconsultingsexgod for Jim,¬†hidinginthelibrary for Richard,¬†bitterdiscernment for Sherlock.]

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